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Walmart Clothing Clearance $1


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This is Walmart, so YMMV.


I visited 2 stores yesterday and at both stores (Stongsville and Parma, OH) the lawn and garden section had tons of clothing clearance. Some is barely marked down, others are maked at $1. It seems that they have pulled out some things that were moved out of the way for the season and have now put them out really cheap. Then they added in some of the more recent clearance, which isn't so cheap.


I found plain white swoop-neck T's (girls 4-16) and boy's (4-16) Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon, and The Last Airbender graphic T's for $1. Strongsville also had Boy's long-sleeve dress shirts (up to 4t) for $1. Christmas shirts (adult and child) were marked 50% but scanned 75% off making them $1.50 - $2.50. I also picked up boys short sets, a 3-pc Toy Story PJ set, and sandals for $3 each.

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I went back for more.


After finding Christmas shirts at the second store for 4 out of 5 people in my family, I decided to go back to the first store (Stongsville) and pick up that Christmas shirt they had in DS's size. Of course they were gone when I went back, but they must have put more stuff out. (Or maybe I just missed it the first time - this clearance section is huge) So I didn't get the one I went back for, but that is just fine because I found 4 more that I didn't see before. They had Garanimals Christmas-themed "layered" long-sleeve shirts for .75 (infant/toddler sizes) and Licensed Long-Sleeve "layered" T's for $1.25 (infant/toddler sizes). As for the Licensed ones I got Thomas and Toy Story, but there were also Peanuts and some girl's ones. I also found boys 4-16 How to Train Your Dragon PJ sets (pants, T, and cape) for $1. Thanks, Walmart, for filling in my DS's wardrobe at cheaper-than-garage-sale prices!

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