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Gift in a Bottle - need label ideas.


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I want to make a gift in a bottle for each of my kids - fill an empty 2 liter bottle with small goodies and cover the hole you make to stuff it with a label so they have to try to figure out how to get the stuff out. The problem is I can't come up with any label ideas. I tried looking it up but all I can find is info on how to wrap wine bottles. Is there a website with pictures so I can copy someone's else's fabulous idea?
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I didn't have anything to go from when I made some last year. I just used my imagination and made some labels using Microsoft works.


I used various font styles and colors and then used the "border" thing to make lines near the edge of the label, top bottom and side. I would name it something that applies to the person you are giving it to, or to the contents. . . Maybe write 10 up as a variation of 7 up, if for instance your daughter plays basketball and her number is 10.

Another example would be to have it say DAN'S Old fashioned root beer instead of DAD's (if you are giving it to someone name Dan that is...) Get what I mean?


Also you could write "made and distributed by the ___(your name)___ bottling company, Cleveland Ohio" or

created with old-fashion-flavor....

Look at a few bottles you may have in your house or just google some 2 ltr bottles online and you can get ideas for wording.


My border/font thing didn't look like it was professional, but it didn't look bad at all. My recipients were very amused with the ones I made.

hope this helps

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