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Speakers for an MP3 player thats not an IPOD

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Anyone know where I can get some inexpensive speakers for a Zen ? Under 15 dollars? I don't expect them to sound like a BOSE, but don't want them to sound bad. Any gottadealers own any?


All I ever see is little boombox looking things or small speakers that have an i before them, ihome, i-whatever all for IPODS.

Appreciate any help. Tried looking up on Amazon and just got like every speaker in the world....sigh....

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I have several that I purchased from Amazon. I have an ihome boombox that fits most players. I use it with my Zune. I also have some white logitech speakers that I use with my Zune as well. Both are very good quality. We also have a few no-name that we dont really use.
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Doesn't matter if it says IPOD. All mp3 speakers work the same. I bought skullcandy headphones and I've been seeing lots of speaker deals on Amazon lightning deals in the last few days.

Headphones yes but some radio/speaker docks only have the iPod adapter to plug them in. You need to find a dock that just has a headphone jack to plug them in. I have an iPod so I don't know of any off hand.


Like this. It's an iHome but it says the output is headphone jack.



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