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Is anyone else having trouble with Walmart.com


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The site has been acting weird for me for about a week now. I'll add things to my cart, but they won't show up. It'll say error and then "cart is empty" so I add the item again and when I go to checkout, there are multiple items so I have to edit it. Then, even while browsing, weird red error messages pop up but disappear.


I have ordered anyways, though, even a personalized item, and have already received them.

Don't know what's going on, but hopefully it gets fixed soon. Good luck!

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I lied earlier but I haven't gotten any error messages. I have some issue where I need to close all web browsers and then reopen to get either the "add to cart" button or the search option on walmart.com to come up. I think this only happens at work so have put it down to something being blocked by all the security in place and since it eventually works had put it out of mind.
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