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Amazon to restart Lightning Deals For TV/Movies Dec 13-17, heres the schedule


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the prices for monday don't seem great but I don't particularly like any of those. BF lightning deals had blurays for $5-9.99 and dvd'd as low as 1.99. I also got some bluray collections for 17.99. I personally try not to pay more than 10.99 for a bluray unless its a favorite and I need ASAP.
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Some of those videos look good *if* the price is right!


I saw some of the PBS National Park series on TV. Gonna keep my eye on that one!


HOWEVER! If anyone wants that Grinch movie, BUT IT TONIGHT from inetvideo.com It's their weekend DOD and it is only $1 plus $2.99 shipping. I ordered from them their DOD a week or so ago. No problems whatsoever.



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Thank you, OP, for posting this list. Luckily, there aren't many listed that I want bc I spent way too much on dvd's during the previous lightning deals! Wish that I hadn't already purchased Friday Night Lights bc it will be a good deal. I see they have the prices up for Monday, so I will be anxious for the other days' prices. I do love Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone. :)
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