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Kohl's offers 4-Foot Pine Pre-Lit Christmas Tree in Green,Pink,Black & White $16


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Also was thinking, got a teenage sports fan in the family?

How about buying the black one and getting gold garland use for either N.Orlean Saints or PGH STEELERS, they have medium size Steeler ornaments in all the walmarts and targets in my area, very affordable! I really don't need have space for one more decoration, but if my house were bigger, I'd be having one...

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I have never seen a black Christmas tree. The review on the green one wasn't good at all, but at this price, you can't complain. I would love a pink one for Valentine's Day or breast cancer awareness!

Thats a great idea too! Even for someone who is going through treatment right now, it could give them an extra boost for the holidays.

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