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Disney Monster Truck Cars

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Has anyone seen the Monster Truck Cars that are compatible with the Wrastlin' Playset anywhere? I'm trying to find a few of the cars that are part of the Cars Toon Deluxe Collection to go with the wrestling playset for my son. They are oversized Cars and have a Deluxe sticker on the individual packs. They have the 3 packs at Toys R Us for about $20 and individual ones at different stores. The only store in my area is Kohl's and they don't have any in stock. Toys R Us is 2 hours away and I'd rather not drive that far. There is a Toys R Us Express store that is closer so if anyone has seen them at that store, I could make a trip there....So if you've seen them at a certain store, please let me know and I can start stalking the store if I have one near me!!! ;)
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