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Amazon lowered price can I get them to adjust?

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Unfortunately, No.


Post-Order Price Match Policy


With the exception of TVs, we do not offer post-order price matching when an item's price drops after you buy it. Our prices regularly change, and the price you paid when your order shipped was the lowest price we were able to offer at the time. We consistently offer competitive prices on everything we carry because we know low prices are very important to our customers.




As for the return policy:




Do note:

How do I return an item shipped by Amazon.com?


Visit our Online Returns Center to get a mailing label to return your item. NOTE: Return shipping may be deducted from the amount of your refund if the reason for your return is not the result of Amazon error.


I'm moving this out of the BF discussion, since it isn't BF related.

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They used to price adjust within 30 days but changed their policy either last year or the one before. I don't think you'll get it adjusted unless you have a customer service rep who doesn't know any better.. so I think the best bet would be to order the cheaper one and when it comes, send back the old one with the old invoice to get your money back.
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I hate when that happens!! I ordered Borderlands: GOTY edition last week for $40 and yesterday it was down to $30. They wouldn't even let me order another one so I have no options but to get over it. Damn!!! LOL


But I would order at the cheaper price and do a return.


I wish they had their policy for adjustment still, even if it was a 3 day limit. lol

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I adjusted two toys last year and one ds game, but some people they were telling no. If the return isn't their fault, they may deduct the cost to return it. They aren't like a retail store where you can return items, and lots of the items are no longer covered by trhe manufacturer's warranty if bought from amazon. I found that out a few months ago when I called a dealer to get a rebate form and they told me not if it as from amazon and no warranty. It's in small letters on some pages.
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