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Up to 60% off and free shipping (new items) @ Mattel.com


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Looks like this code still works:

Use code TXTA for 20% off


$71.99 with code (reg. $150)

D-REX dinosaur



Barbie Pink Doll (party themed), Barbie Doggie Park Playset $10.39 with code (reg. $20)




Lots of cheaper Barbies as well--going out of stock fast!

Barbie Three Musketeers $6.40 with code (reg. $20)


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Great deals, but when I get to the last page to order, it won't go through:( Maybe it is just me. Oh my, I just double checked everything and ALL THREE orders did go through even it said they did not. I cancelled two of them. Edited by olszanski
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