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*** Regarding Cyber Monday Sales & Deals ***


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We're going to do this slightly different this year. Rather than have a dedicated sub-forum just for Cyber Monday, we're going to put all the Cyber Monday deals in our main Online Hot Deals year-round sub-forum. That way there will be only one forum that you need to check on Monday to get all the online deals, both the ones we post and the ones all of you post, as there will likely be a lot of deals.


We'll also be posting the best Cyber Monday deals on our main year-round GottaDeal.com home page, and we'll start to redirect visitors going to the Black Friday site to the main GD home page on Sunday.


As many of you know, Cyber Monday is frequently lots of hype and very little substance, so don't get your hopes up for amazing Black Friday-level deals from every web site out there.

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