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$9.99 Naturalizer Bag w/ $10 off $10 coupon


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There are wallets and clutches that would come out cheaper. Nice for teacher's gifts.


Naturalizer Spencer2

$19.99 71% OFF

price may vary based on color

original price:$69.00

$9.99 after code ECU810


Free Shipping on all orders till Dec 25th




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It is not recognizing the code ECU810 - what should I do? Want the purse the other person got a couple lines up for a totla of $19.99 ..... thanks

It worked fine earlier. They probably stopped the Promo.

I could only find NAT2010 for 10% off.

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Ok, both my orders were wallets, so maybe they are backordered. That makes me feel a bit better. I contacted them in email, so I'm waiting to see what they say.

I have not received mine. I sent them an email and have not received a reply.

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I checked my account and found that just today they issued me a refund; I received no cancellation emails. The transacation has a phone number however it has a fast busy sound and it does not work. I would have liked the bag but I guess I can do without it.
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I received one of the two orders, wasn't able to check orders online possibly I never created an account I'm not sure but will look for order confirmations when I get home since it's my moms purse thats missing (same one listed in original post.) That purse and a wallet I had thought about getting are no longer available so maybe it is on backorder?
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