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bamboo sheets


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I bought some 1000 count ones for my sister in law last year for Christmas on Amazon sold by Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store. She really likes them and the price was reasonable for bamboo sheets. Looks like their cheapest full size 300 count bamboo sheets are $79.99. For only a bit more at $84.99 you can get them in 600 count, $89.99 for 800 count... Anyway, hope that helps!


http://www.amazon.com/b/qid=1290372375?ie=UTF8&me=A1P9R7AOJJIMCI Just search Full Size Bamboo Sheets...




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Does anyone have any suggestions on a good place to look for bamboo sheets? My son wants them for his bed and they are so expensive!:eyepoppin

It was last year that i bought them, so no guarantees, but I found some at Target and Sears that were really nice quality and fairly inexpensive.


Good luck! They are really nice!

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