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Electric Scooter will it work on gravel?


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I need help. I want to get this for my boys and was wondering if anyone knows if it will work on small gravels. We live in the country and our road is not paved. The boys want one and the wheel in the front looks bigger than those that are not electric.
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I'll be honest: I don't really know as I live in the city and my son only rides on paved surfaces.

I guess it would depend on how much the rider weighs,and the type of gravel.

I don't think it would work well in pea gravel but might be okay in the white gravel

(lol,I don't know what it's called,but it's the larger,rough gravel)

I think it would be a bumpy ride in any type of gravel.

We have the Razor electric scooter and the wheels are both pretty small.

I forget the top speed,but they don't go all that fast and it doesn't seem to be very powerful.

I hope this info helps you with your decision :)

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