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$84.00 shipped Fernandes Retrorocket X Electric Guitar at Music123.com


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As posted earlier Musiciansfriend.com has this guitar for $99.00 today. But...


Music123.com has a 110% low price guarantee policy and therefore will price match this guitar. Their price is $249.


They give you 10% of the price difference ($249-$99 = $150 / 10% of $150 = $15.00)


Therefore the final price was $99.00 - $15.00 = $84.00 shipped


Musiciansfriend link:

Price 99.00 w/ shipping



Music123.com link:


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Is this guitar honestly worth having? It would sure releive some of the stress on my budget to buy this one on sale, but I don't want to buy something that won't stay in tune or sound clear.

I was concerned about the quality of the guitar as well and searched for reviews on the web. I found the following website. Its really the only one I found. This will really be my son's first electric guitar so I am not being too picky.



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I just wanted to let everyone know that I received the guitar yesterday. It's definitely a high quality piece- well worth the price. I don't know about the $400 original price, but it looks like a $250-$300 guitar. Sound is good, body is solid, I'm highly impressed. It's not a cheapo starter kit- that's for sure!
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Ok.... Here is a better one.... I became aware through another website that Music123.com does 123% so I called for an adjustment on my order... I checked their website and it does say it in one of their sales tabs. I posted below. My final total was $64.50.


Those who purchase through Music123 just call and mention that you became aware of the 123% price match and if they can adjust your total. That's exactly what I said and with no questions asked they adjusted. They did it pretty quick too...




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