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where to buy quality, durable furniture?


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i need a new living room set and dining room set, and i can't find a single furniture dealer that doesn't have a zillion complaints on the web. further, i'm pondering a leather couch, and the odds of finding one that won't look terrible in a few years seem very low, if one bases that on the extremely high number of ticked off customers complaining on the web. i live in the dallas area.


i was pondering costco--not because of quality but because of their extraordinary return policy. but alas, they just don't have anything that works. my only caveat is that i would like to see the item before i buy it unless the business, like costco, has a crazy great return policy.


so, does anyone have a really GREAT furniture experience that they think can be repeated?



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I was going to say Arhaus, but they are not in your area. Ethan Allen has nice pieces and really nice quality.


Ethan Allen



We bought our current sofa from Z Gallerie, I like it, but I wouldn't buy it again. We are constantly having to fluff the cushions and they are heavy as heck. We knew they were heavy, but we were told when we bought the sofa that we would need to fluff them once a month the first 6 months to a year and then once every couple of months afterwards. However, we need to fluff them at least 2-3 times a month (have had sofa for almost 2 years) and have to take the cushion out of the cover to do so. Ugh!


This is our sofa



I hope all of their sofas are not like this. Here is a link to their store and a 10% off coupon.



Do you have any nice furniture consignment shops in your area? My Mom found a great Ethan Allen sofa for $495 at a store near me.


Good luck!

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This End Up furniture used to have stores but i think they have all gone away but if you can find this end up furniture on craqigslist it is so worth the money.i got a whole set that ashould have cost over $2000 for $400.look up this end up furniture i think some pics should come up. nothing but real wood.i have had my set now for over 20 yrs and with moviong cross country twice it still is in new shape



i just got the table chairs and benches for $400 but the pic of mine is on the bottom left pic

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Im a bit partial but if you can find furniture made by temple furniture its totally made in US and has a lifetime warranty on everything. Lee industries is good too and mcreeray modern would be a lower end manufacturer. Lee and mcreeray can be found at crate and barrel. Temple is more mom and pop stores. I would stay away from ethan allen because they are planning to move to Mexico and cut alot of jobs in my area also unless something has changed lazy boy and broyhill are made over seas so the quality is not as good. If I could afford it id get furniture made by temple. A little disclaimer I work at temple and my wife works at lee. We both have worked for mcreeary and I have worked at ethan allen not a good place to work for. Like I say I know furniture and even though its pricey temples lifetime warranty is unbeatable.
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