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DS LIte at Wallmart


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Do you think anyone will pricematch the DS Lite for $89? I am hoping maybe Amazon? What do you think the chances are of getting one online versus going out? (I really did NOT want to go to Wallmart! - I got run over by a cart last year! LOL)


Thanks everyone for all the great advice!!

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I think there is a very good chance of Amazon price matching the DS Lite. I was shocked that everywhere wasn't offering cheap DS Lites this BF (due to their already being a DSi, DSiXL, and this spring, the 3DS) and I have a hunch that it may end up being a late edition add on sale item for several stores.


My DS's bday party is 11-21 and I ended up biting the bullet and buying him a DS and Toy Story 3 game at a Veterans Day deal... DSL and game for $125, which works out to being about $10 more than the WM DS. I was debating returning and rebuying, but in the end, for $10 more, he can get his stuff at his party instead of waiting several more days, so I'm satisfied, but if the DS had been much cheaper at WM, that's what I would be doing! :)


Good luck getting your DS without having to endure WM! I am debating going at midnight at picking up some much need sheet sets. I wonder how much of the crowds I'll miss by not going during the doorbuster time???

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Not sure if you know, but Radio Shack has the DS Lite for 89.97 or 97.47 depending on the color. Not every Radio Shack in my area had them, but the second one I called did have a silver one and I paid 89.97. I asked the guy to see if any other stores had them and quite a few did. I was happy to get this ahead of Friday.
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