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Need Grey's Anatomy Season 1, 2, 3 at great price

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Hi I asked on a few other threads on here if anyone got any deals on this TV series last xmas...but no responses.

So far I found Season 1 for like approx 21 at Walmart (cheapest) and then Season 2 and each following typically goes up in price.


I wondered if it might be on sale in the "not shown" group that target has in ad of tv shows on dvd, however after going to my Target this weekend, they only carried season 3, and 4 ! Maybe they are "hiding" other seasons of it.?? (I have looked on Deepdiscount before and I do not consider them having good deals, only once did I find them having something cheaper than another place...plus I have to add shipping )



Anyway, depending on the price I wanted to get someone season 1 & 2 (if the price is awesome I could swing 1,2, and 3) I can't pay 25-28 per season for 3 seasons :(

If anyone sees this on a super deal, please post.




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