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Christmas trees. Real or fake?


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Always a real tree!


I definately enjoy the scent of a good old Douglas Fir, but for us, it is mostly about the tradition of getting the tree!


First, we make up a couple of thermoses of hot chocolate and pack up a baggie of homemade cookies, then we drive about 30 miles to a tree farm (there are several closer to us, but we like this one best- went up into the snowy mountains one year, had a blast, but the tree was definately a Griswold tree- bit full, lots of sap, and suprised that we didn't have a lunatic squirrel nesting in it!).


We wander around the tree farm for about an hour, searching for the perfect tree. Every year my DH wants a 6 foot tall blue Noble fir, every year he gets overruled and we end up with a 7 1/2 ft tall Douglas Fir. DH always forgets his saw and has to go borrow one from the people who own the farm. Every year their saw is so dull that it takes DH about 15 minutes of sawing to cut through the trunk. Then we pop it into the back of the pickup and take it up to pay for it.... usually costs us $25-$30. The boys get all excited when they put the tree in their "shaking thing" which shakes out loose needles, then they twine it's branches in to make it easier for us to put up.


We drive home singing Christmas songs, drinking our cocoa, and eating our cookies. Then we get home, DH drags the tree into the house (always saying, "Next year, if you want this big of a tree again, you get to cut it down and haul it into the house!"- yeah, like that's gonna happen! ;) ), we put the stand on, get it positioned, and cut the twine. Then we put on a Christmas movie and decorate the tree.


It is one of my most favorite days of the year and I wouldn't change it for anything!!!

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