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Cheaper place for ATT Samsung Captivate than wirefly?

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Pretty much looks like I need a new phone.

Stuck w/ ATT due to big family plan.

Decided Samsung Captivate unless you know of a new Android phone I need to wait a few weeks for.

Wirefly can get it to me w/ free battery and free backup for $70 due to my time to update & staying part of family plan.

Anyone see it cheaper...as I said unless there is another great android phone coming to ATT soon that I dont know about.

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I currently have a windows phone and the market for apps, as well as the way it hangs often has rather turned me off.

I have helped my BIL set up his android phone a few months back, it is what I want. Maybe in 2-3 years windows phone will be as mature as the android, but not yet in my estimation.

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