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Burts Bees Holiday Grab Bag 25.00


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Use Code: beetin and you can get a free beekeeper tin that holds lip balms. This may be with a minimum purchase but I added one grab bag to my cart earlier and entered the code and it showed up as being applied.


I ordered several grab bags last year and really liked them.


If anyone is having problems finding the grab bags you may need to go to the lower right hand side of the Burts Bees Homepage and click on "CHANGE COUNTRY". Once you select United States, the site should run properly. Not sure why I have to do this, but I think it's something that happens frequently with their site.

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Free shipping with $40 order. Also, a free lip stash product ($7 value) is added with each $35 order. I bought 2 grab bags to qualify for the free shipping. These grab bags are great to break up and give as individual gifts for several people!


Thanks, OP!

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Ordered the holiday grab bag ($25) along with the Men's Grab Bag ($15 special sale):




Total price $40...get FREE shipping, FREE Lip Stash (automatically appears in your cart)

Use the "beetin" promotional code for FREE tin of lip balms...

Item Unit Price Quantity Total Price

Men’s Grab Bag

Size: 1 bag $15.00 1 $15.00

Holiday Grab Bag

Size: 1 bag $25.00 1 $25.00

Bee Keeper

Size: 1 Mixed Gift $7.50 1 $7.50

Lip Stash - "Mixed"

Size: 1 Gift $7.00 1 $7.00


Subtotal $54.50

Shipping and Handling $0.00

Sales Tax $3.41

Free Lip Stash Mixed with your $35+ order:


Hive Member Exclusive - Free BeeKeeper Tin:


Order Total: $43.41

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Have to share a good customer service story since I am at odds with Swiss Colony right now. I placed my order for 2 Grab Bags and got free shipping as well as an automatic lip something or other. I did NOT enter the code to get the bees lip tin b/c I just plain forgot. I called Burts Bees customer service to try and add it to my order the following day. The customer service person said it was too late, but she would send me the free bees lip tin separately. I honestly figured I would never see the freebie in a million years. I got my freebie today before I received my regular order. I am in awe that they went the extra mile when it was MY mistake. :)) Swiss Colony take note!!
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The Men's Grab Bag is also great...lots of great products. The FREE lip balms are awesome. This is the second year in a row I've ordered these grab bags, and I have been VERY satisfied. My daughters and hubby are all in love with BB products. Next year I won't wait until the holidays to order from their website!
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