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Star Wars Lego @ Target


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Just picked up a Star Wars Lego Set at www.target.com. They have a temporary pricecut on a few sets along with free shipping - made the sets cheaper than Amazon and MUCH cheaper than TRU :) There is a 10% code 4IKCC8AJ good until Nov 10 that makes the deal even nicer!


I got a Jedi Fighter for $17 and change inc shipping and it's listed at TRU for $29:eyepoppin

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Here is a picture and direct link to the one I think you are talking about (if this is not the right one - let me know and I'll be happy to post the right one for you.) :)

LEGO Star Wars Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter


List: $24.99

Save: $5.99 (24%)

Free Shipping temporary price cut





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Next week, Target will have other sets (Prince of Persia, Harry Potter and Hero Factory) buy one get one 50% off. :)

This is great to know! I just found out my nephew is IN LOVE with the new Lego Harry Potter, but his dad is out of work, so we're gonna make it happen for him. :)

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