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In need of help with decisions

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Ok, so I have about $1,000 saved up from the last 3 months of work and about $300 in credit. Im looking to get a 47" or up plasma or lcd tv needs to be 1080p. I also am wanting to get a blu ray player (my thought was a playstation 3). Also if it helps an my father is a sears employee so sears and kmart %10 off.


I would like if you i can get some opinions about what i should do. Thanks :smart:


oh and ps i have 3 xbox 360's already lol so those will need to be hooked up.

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I bought a 50" plasma 3D tv at sears last week for ~$850. It came with 2 free pairs of 3D glasses ($300). There was a promo with a Sears card for an extra 10% off too. Was a great deal! :) I would just keep watching the sales. The PS3's were on sale at Walmart this weekend with a free $50 gift card, but keep watching. I'm sure there will be some great offers coming out!
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