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Countdown to Black Friday @ Amazon.com


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This Just Posted in the Amazon.com Forums...

Countdown to Black Friday

We're counting down the weeks until Black Friday with spectacular deals every Friday, starting October 29 and running weekly through November 19. Check back every Friday to find fantastic prices on select electronics, video games, and more. And all of these hot deals relate to a theme, including the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals. Bookmark this page and come back each week to see how you'll save on items that help you "Connect," "Play," "Watch," and "Listen." All deals are good while supplies last, so don't delay!


- The Gold Box Team



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What does Amazon do for BF?

In the past - several different things - (I'm getting OLD - so if anyone knows the years fill in the blanks for me) ;)

They have done votes - where you vote one the 1 items out of 3 (for a period of so many days) that you would like to get for a Ridiculously LOW Price - then - if you picked the item with the Highest Number of Votes - and were "chosen by the Amazon Gods" and got a special email - you were able to buy it at that price. The other items would be offered at a discount (but NOT the super low Price) - Many people griped about this system as the Gods had NOT smiled in their favor...


Seems like last year they were running simultaneous deals not only in the Gold Box/Lightning Deal Main Page - but on individual category pages - Like electronics, toys, etc... it was CRAZY and went on for at least several days.


They also seem to try to match or beat (Walmart, Best Buy, etc) on their Black Friday Door-Busters - but be prepared to ACT FAST - as some sell out in seconds!


I personally have had a lot of fun with Amazon during the "Black Friday Sale Times"... but I like the thrill of the fastest fingers contest! ;)

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On Amazon as of Today...

Looking for Black Friday Deals?

You've come to the right place. And you were smart to get here early because we're starting early. Come back Monday, November 22, 2010, for a week of amazing Black Friday deals. We'll be adding new deals all day, every day, so you can visit anytime and find terrific prices. What can you do to get ready?


* Bookmark this page.



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