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Sears $10 off $20 Apparel coupon


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I just some wonderful deals and am printing off another so I can go back tomorrow!


This is off regular,sale AND clearance prices apparel and accessories.


Good until Oct. 23




Plus,I casually mentioned that I paid more than twice for a hoodie 2 weeks ago and the cashier gave me a price adjustment! I didn't know they did that. The p.a. practically paid for my purchase today.

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And if you sign up for a credit card, you get an extra $10.00 off.


My stuff

Original price on 5 tops


Sale prices



Total $22.95 minus the coupon $10.00 + the $10.00 for signing for credit card = Total of $3.85


I thought that was great, smiled all the way out of the store.

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I normally don't shop at sears, but I went the day and all of the girls holiday dresses were 55% off. Most were between 40 and 50 or priced. I got a dress that was $50 for 10.25 with all the discounts. The math is off but that's was the final price.
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I went on Friday and then again today and got children's fleece sleepers for $11.99 for a 2 pack (on sale already). I bought two packs (4 sleepers total), used the $10 coupon and came out of the store paying right around $14 for 4 sleepers! They are really nice and thick too! They are Joe Boxer brand and I bought little boy and girl's sizes (5/6/7) for that price! :)
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Hubby and I are going to a Halloween party and he is going as the Wolf in Grandma's clothing. We needed a sleeping gown to finish the costume and didn't want to drop a lot of money (as the mask, wolf hands, etc. has already pushed me into the red), so went to Sears last night and picked up a 3X (hubby is 6'2'' and 220) flannel sleeping gown for 16.99 on sale then I stumbled upon a pair of really cute capris for 4.99 for me, so after the coupon, we only had to pay $11.90!


Thanks so much for posting this deal!!

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