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GottaDeal.com Holiday Giveaway: Post Deals & Win Prizes [Winners Posted!]


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GottaDeal.com 2010 Holiday Giveaway!

Introducing the GottaDeal.com 2010 Holiday Giveaway! We're giving away some great prizes this year and all you have to do to be eligible to win is to post deals here on the forum - it's that easy!

Over the next few months, we are going to award giveaway entries to forum members who post qualifying deals in the Online Hot Deals forum. You can earn a maximum of 10 entries per day - one for each qualifying deal you post. See below for details about what makes a deal a "qualifying" deal.

At the end of the contest period, we will randomly select 15 winners. The first winner chosen will be able to choose any of the prizes. The second winner chosen will have their choice of the remaining prizes, and so on...


  • Apple iPad 16GB WiFi Edition Tablet
  • $400 Amazon.com Shopping Spree
  • KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer
  • Amazon Kindle WiFi eBook Reader
  • Apple iPod touch 8GB MP3/Video Player
  • Nintendo Wii Video Game System
  • Keurig Elite Home Coffee Brewing System
  • $100 Amazon.com Shopping Spree
  • Pandigital Digital Photo Frame Snow Globe
  • $200 Gift Card to Your Choice of Store
  • $150 Gift Card to Your Choice of Store
  • $100 Gift Card to Your Choice of Store
  • $50 Gift Card to Your Choice of Store
  • GottaDeal.com Deluxe Merchandise Pack
  • Limited Edition GottaDeal.com Snuggie


  • Promotion period begins on September 6, 2010 at 12:00am ET and ends on December 12, 2010 at 10:00pm ET.
  • All registered GottaDeal.com forum members are eligible to participate in this promotion, including moderators.
  • Members found to have created multiple forum accounts to accumulate additional entries will be disqualified.
  • You will receive one entry for each qualifying deal posted in the Online Hot Deals forum during the contest.
  • List of partner stores may change during contest. Deals will count if the store is on the list when the deal is posted.
  • Only your first 10 qualifying deal threads will earn you entries each day, although we appreciate extra deals.
  • Each daily period starts at 12:00am and ends at 11:59pm ET, so time when you post your deals accordingly.
  • Limit one prize per forum member. Once someone has been chosen as a winner, their remaining entries will be removed.
  • Winners will be contacted via private message to claim their prize. Be sure to check your PMs after the contest ends.
  • If a prize is not claimed within 28 days, it will be forfeited and likely used as a prize in the next contest.


In order for a deal thread to qualify for an entry for this promotion, it must satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

1. The thread's title must include the name of the retailer the deal is for.
2. The post must contain a link, even if it's just a link to the retailer's home page.
3. The deal must be from one of our partner retailers (see complete list here).
4. The deal must must be unique and not be a repost of a recently posted deal.

We reserve the right to disqualify any deal for any reason. Besides these mandatory criteria, we also ask that you be as descriptive as possible in your thread title. Where possible, include an image in your post. If there is a specific method to get the deal, provide step-by-step instructions. If a coupon code is needed, be sure to include the code in your post. Please do not directly copy and paste deals from other sites - you may "borrow" the deal, but type the title and post in your own words. Directly copied posts may be disqualified.


  • Please search before posting a deal. Re-posted deals will be deleted.
  • Make sure your deal is a legit deal and not just "filler" to earn an entry.
  • Check the list of partner retailers - some major stores are not yet eligible.
  • Combine deals if possible. Similar deals from same store may be merged.
  • Please take the time to read this entire post - it will save you time.


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Okay, just so I am not confused lol. The contest has already began? Sept. 6?

Yes. When the previous contest ended back on 9/5, I posted in that thread that while I wouldn't have the official thread for the new contest posted for a few weeks (needed some time to get the prizes figured out), any deals posted from that point forward would count towards the holiday contest.


So the details were announced tonight, but any deals posted from 9/5 to today count (as long as they meet the other criteria).

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Also, since we always seem to get comments about just how hard it is to find/post deals, here are some tips/examples:


Title: if you are posting a deal for a specific item, list the item, price and store. Examples: "KitchenAid 5-qt. Stand Mixer - $199.00 @ Kmart.com" or "Apple iPod Touch 16GB $289 shipped (Walmart)". Whatever format you want to do is fine, just try to have those 3 pieces of info in the title.


If you are posting a deal for a sale or other general promotion (not just a specific item), just be descriptive and be sure to mention the store in the title. Examples: "Extra 30% off clearance at Old Navy until 11/1" or "Buy 1 Get 1 Free Video Games @ ToysRUs.com this week"


Message: The main thing in the actual message is to include a link. If you are posting a deal for a specific item, paste a link to that item. If your deal is for a sale or a general offer, just post a link to the store's home page. Anything else you want to include besides the link is 'icing on the cake'. If you know how to post pics and want to include a pic, great. If you want to include information such as features, descriptions, list price, etc... that's great. But again, the link is the important part because anyone viewing your deal can see all the other info by just clicking on that link. If your deal requires the use of a coupon code, be sure to post those codes as well. We have hundreds of coupons here: http://www.gottadeal.com/Coupons so be sure to check that page to see if your deal can be made hotter with a coupon.


Where to find deals: you can find deals to post anywhere. You might find something that is a great deal just browsing on a store's web site. You can find them on other deal forums or sites as well. Just be sure that you post a deal found elsewhere in your own words. We don't tolerate directly copying and pasting deal titles/posts directly from other sites. Borrowing deals is fine (they do it from us), just make sure you make it your own. Twitter is another good source for deals. Maybe some of our more prolific deal posters can add some of their tips for finding deals here too.

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What fantastic tips, Brad! (Look at that folks, he's telling you the easy, simple steps in posting deals! :D )


Another tip I like to use: CLEARANCE sections! Personally, I'm a clearance freak!

Also, most websites have a SALE Page.

Join some of the qualifying partner's email subscription lists. A lot of them send out daily/weekly newsletters and that's a GREAT place to find a HOT deal to post!


Remember, those coupon codes work wonders! Find your deals by using the Coupon Code section (HERE) to find your deal posts.


Just thought of another deal finding tip. If you can't think of something to post, go to the Deal Finder Service section, (HERE), and help out your fellow GottaDealers'! :)


* Just remember to search the forum to see that the deal hasn't already been posted.

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added another tip
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Another tip I like to use: CLEARANCE sections! Personally, I'm a clearance freak!

Ditto on the clearance sections, for example:


On Target's main page hover on any header in the row that shows "Women, Men, Baby, Kids, ...etc. and you will see an associated Clearance section and the bottom of the pop up. http://www.target.com/


On Sears site, Clearance appears at the bottom of the list of departments on the left.



On Toys R Us home page, the Clearance link is on the right side in bold red next to the Cart button. http://www.toysrus.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=3999911

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WOW! What an AWESOME Contest! You have outdone yourself this year, Brad! :)


If anyone needs help learning how to post pictures or links, I will be more then happy to help you - just PM me and I'll talk you through it until you feel comfortable with it... if we can't get it done that way, I will share my phone number with you and we can do it together over the phone until you feel comfortable with it - I'm here to help if you need me. :)


Good Luck to EVERYONE in this Fantastic Contest and Us ALL SAVING Money with ALL the GREAT DEALS! :)

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would love it if you could post updated number of entries people have ....on a semi regular basis :)

Remind me by sending me a PM every month or so and if I'm not too swamped with BF duties, I'll post an update.


ok... reposts don't count... what if someone posts "clearance" on gottadeal - and someone else posts a specific clearance item ... say "GD snuggie"... do they both count? Is the specific item considered a repost?

Both will count unless the original clearance thread already had that individual item listed inside.

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What I hope to do is when we reach the halfway point of the contest, I'll send everyone who has posted deals a PM letting them know how many entries they currently have and where they stand as far as the overall number of entries.


Also, we may have bonus days where deals will earn double entries.

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What I hope to do is when we reach the halfway point of the contest, I'll send everyone who has posted deals a PM letting them know how many entries they currently have and where they stand as far as the overall number of entries.


Also, we may have bonus days where deals will earn double entries.

Both sound awesome! :)

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Now that the contest has been running for a little over a week, some reminders:


PLEASE remember to put the store and price in the title of your thread (if your deal is for a specific item that has a price).


Also, remember to include a link in your description. If you are a new member and can't post links yet, that's OK, but tell people how to find it on the retailer's site (i.e. search for item # 394839)


Thanks and keep posting those deals!

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Does it have to be a new thread with a deal or can we add to an existing thread like the Amazon Toy Sale thread?

It has to be a new thread to count, but for things like the Amazon toy thread, those deals should still be posted in the main thread anyway. Of course Amazon isn't a qualifying retailer, so in that case it doesn't matter much, but for other situations, that is how it should be done.

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I am LOVING the new stores you added, Brad! :) ...Unfortunately - my wallet is NOT very pleased with you! ;) I have found stores I never knew existed! Awesome! :yelclap:


A Quick reminder to those New at Posting Deals... Always try to check the GottaDeal Coupon Page LINK for Coupon Codes that can Make your Deal even Sweeter! :) Every little bit of savings count! ;)

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I am LOVING all the new deal posters (and those that have been), it's FANTASTIC to see over a full page of deals posted just on one day! LOVE IT! Keep it up, that goes to ALL OF YOU!


Here's a few suggestions:


None of this is required, but it does help the mods and GottaDeal members:


1) It's best to put the website name at the end of your thread's title (if you forget, no fear, it will get moved there)

2) Please use spacing when posting the store's name

a) like this: $5 @ GottaDeal.com

B)not like this: [email protected]

- this helps with the search feature on the forum. A search won't pull up (B) if just searching for the store's name

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