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$10 off $10 JC Penney coupon


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This is a great deal for the kids shoes again. last time around they had the same kind of deal-i got the kids converse for 14.99 with coupon and free shipping. they still have the free ship and lots of sizes for kids in stock. this is at least 50% less than you can find them elsewhere, and i think they are great shoes.
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I got a 20% off coupon too. I threw it away. :(


When they send these $10 off $10 coupons out, there's usually a generic code everyone can use online? Seems someone always posts one. Has anyone seen one posted somewhere yet?

GO4TEN Save $10 on $10+ Purchase (Sept 19 - 28) 9/28/10

2RSTARS Save $10 on $10+ Purchase (Sept 19 - 28) 9/28/10

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