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2010 Black Friday/Holiday Season News Thread


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Please post all links to news stories about Black Friday and the Upcoming Holiday Shopping season in this thread.


Please ONLY post the link and the headline. DO NOT post any or part of the story!




2010 Black Friday News



PLEASE DO NOT post any links to other deal sites.

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For the last 2 years Sears has put mens/womens undies and womens bra's on sale for black friday. WM is looking to do the same.

LOL okay. So quite literally, socks and underwear. See I had assumed there was some figurative meaning behind it.


Well shoot, that'll be nice. Gotta love a deal on undies! lol.

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Best Buy CEO promises Smoking-hot Deals for Black Friday 2010




I hope this rings true...as I've never shopped Best Buy for BF, but this year I'm looking for electronics. But I think the only way I'll shop BB on BF is online.


eta: sorry about the other post- I had a brain fart!

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