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Wireless headset for office phone


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I'm not necessarily looking for the best deal, but for something with great range. I would like to be able to walk from my desk into the computer room while staying on the headset. The range I would need is about 50-70 feet top, with basically glass in between my phone and the computer room.


Anyone know what I should be looking for?

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Guest beatmix01

I have the perfect product for you, I use it in my office and it works fantastic.


The GN Netcom 9120 Flex Boom *Fixed*

and w/ RHL-1000*Fixed*


This thing is killer. I walk all over the place with it with no probs. (300ft radius) Especially good for in the server room because the Flex Boom model is noise cancelling. There are two pieces to the system, the headset and the remote handset lifter. You can buy them separately, however the handset lifter (RHL-100) allows you to pick/hang up the phone from the headset which is nice.


Price varies on this usually, but I have seen them as low as a little less than $200. I know buy.com has is for $244 shipped... but check http://pricegrabber and http://shopping.yahoo.com


Here is the link at buy.com link


If you don't need the 300' range they just released the 9120 LR which cuts the battery life in half and the range down to 100'.

GN 9120 LR @ GN Netcom*Fixed*

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