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HELP! NEEDED: Chaps "Brentwood" Comforter orig. available @ Kohls

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Hi, I recently moved and it seems that my Chaps "Brentwood" Comforter (Cal King) has disappeared. I am beyond sad and upset about this as it was a gift from my late grandmother and I have all the accessories to go along with the set. It was originally available from Kohls. I have looked all over the internet, ebay, amazon, etc. I even contacted Kohl's but they were of no help. There are 2 on ebay but they are full, not Cal King.


The comforter is a pretty blue and white paisley pattern. Does anyone have a clue where I may be able to find this discontinued item? ANY assistance would be very much appreciated. I know someone out there will have some information on this. Thank you so much for your time!! :)

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Have you checked any stores locally? I see you are in So Cal too. I'll keep my eyes open. Sometimes you can get lucky...the more people looking the better. :)

Thank you so much everyone for all your help and suggestions. I really appreciate your time. I will keep looking too!!

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I tried to log-in and this forum deleted my account with no explanation. I am the one who has the Cal-King Chaps Brentwood Comforter Set. It is just sitting in my guest closet and brand new. At the time I posted to your forum, I was in Northern Cal. I am now working for the next 4 months in Warner Springs which isn't too far from Temecula. Please email my yahoo account at dinaecastellini [at] yahoo [dot] com if you are still interested.

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