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Our kitty is in a cat photo contest and needs some more votes! :D

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Our cat Molly, who is in my AV photo. Is in a cat photo contest in our local newspaper. She made it through round 1 last week. There were 876 cats in it and only 360 moved onto the 2nd round. only 30 cats will move onto the final round next week.

So she needs LOTS of votes to make it through to the end :) If you would like to vote for her.. she is in gallery 10 & is # 232 in the voting poll. It is free to vote and you don't have to fill out any information or anything. You can vote from home, work or even by phone! Thanks in advance :D

Here is her link .. you can only vote for 1 kitty :)



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I voted for your cat. Did anyone see how incredibly fat #225 is?!

I voted & yes that poor cat is huge! I feel bad when people feed their animals to death! I hardly ever give my dogs any people food but my moms dog weighs 18lbs when he should weigh 10lbs & yet they "feel bad" if they don't share their food! It is not difficult to keep people food from your pets!

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Thank you for all the votes :) I believe that you can only vote 1 time per computer or IP address but can vote from home, work, phone etc lol :P

There are still 2 more days left to vote for Miss Molly.. ends @ 5pm thursday

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