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Need new washer and dryer, anyone know of fantastic deals or great sets

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I vote for Electrolux, but it's a pricey investment...Worth every penny to me, but it's not for everyone's budget (I saved up to afford them).

I looked at those, very very nice but atlas can't afford them and now we can't wait, the bottom blew out of the washer (its leaking all over the floor) I checked out repairing it myself uggg, the whole thing had to be taken apart. Funny, my husband leaves tomorrow to visit his mom and he was trying to get the hoses off,they are corroded on!

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I just bought a Frigidaire Front Load Washer model GLFT2940F highly rated by Consumer Reports around $600. I've had it about a month and really like it so far, very quiet and great capacity and cleaning. Check to see if there are any rebates being offered.
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