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LeapFrog Didj Ultimate Customization Pack $29.99 at Target.com


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My nephews have the Leapster and Diji systems. They actually like them both. The games of the Diji system is geared more toward the older kids, like first grade and up versus the leapster which has games for the younger kids.
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Didj and Leapster are incompatible systems. Also, the Didj appears to be a failure, which I think is the reason why we're seeing so many sales on them. Don't count on more Didj cartridges in the future.

The Didj wasn't necessarily a failure but the age group it targeted preferred to receive a Nintendo DS or Playstation PSP which are for completely different uses. For those who bought them and continue to use their Didj (and those looking for a good educational tool for 7-11 year olds) the Didj is a GREAT product. They have had many sales on all their systems/products (Tag, Tag Jr., Leapster2, Leapster L-Max, Didj, My Pal Scout, etc.) at various times for each item but they have continued to have more titles come out for both the Leapster and Didj. The latest games to come out for the Didj were all produced in summer 2009 with more stated to be on the way.


Here's the complete list:


High School Musical – music, melody and rhythm, musical forms, fractions

Wolverine and the X-Men – letter identification and spelling

Neopets: Quizara's Curse – language arts

Star Wars: Jedi Trials – Science – simple machines, magnetism, electricity, force, motion and gravity - Ages 7-10

Disney Fairies – math Facts - Ages 5 to 9

DIDJi Racing: Tiki Tropics -- Spelling - Ages 6 to 9

Disney Hannah Montana -- Multi Curricular - Ages 8 to 11

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends -- Language Arts - Ages 6 to 9

SpongeBob SquarePants: Fists of Foam -- Math - Ages 6 to 9

Super Chicks: Make Friends. Shop. Save the World -- Spelling - Ages 6 to 9

Star Wars™: The Clone Wars -- Math - Ages 6 to 9

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -- Math - Ages 7 to 10

Nancy Drew: The Mystery in the Hollywood Hills -- Spelling - Ages 7 to 10

Nicktoons®: Android Invasion -- Math Facts - Ages 7 to 10

Sonic the Hedgehog -- Spelling - Ages 7 to 10

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My kids have both and love/play with both. DD6 got her Leapster for Xmas when she was 4 and loves it. DS7 got his Didj for his 6th Bday. He really wanted a DS and I just didn't want him to get one so young. He easily gets addicted to the PS and Wii so I wanted to limit it. As soon as he saw the Didj he settled on that and forgot about the DS. And the didj is educational so we were both happy. I know Nintendo has some educational games too, but then I have to deal with all the other "I wants." Besides, we have gotten games and accessories super cheap from Leapfrog.com for both systems and saved a ton of money. DS also has a Tag (got it awhile ago) but got bored with it because he could read already. I got my nephew a Tag Jr. for his 2nd birthday and have been able to get all the tag stuff cheap too. Leapfrog's site has awesome sales sometimes, but they aren't that often. I wouldn't say Didj was a failure either, but I totally think it was because of the age group and the Nintendo DS. All depends on which way the parent wanted to go. The DS has far more games and can grow with the kids more than a Didj. But we are sticking with Leapfrog for as long as I can find games that challenge their minds.
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