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Easter Candy Deals

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I need candy (and a lot of it) for baskets, eggs and other activities with kids! Please share the best deals you have found for Easter candy. I have Walmart, Target, Meijer, Kmart, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger by me. I'm hoping between coupon clipping, online q's and store sales to find some incredible deals. Wait let me rephrase...I'm not the best deal finder but I am great and following the directions for some of the great deals the gottadeal forum members have posted and am thankful everyday for how this has saved my budget! Thanks. Edited by tlklcox
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cvs has buy $10 worth of easter candy get $3 eb's back limit 2

you can buy $10 worth of easter candy that's on sale & get your $3 bucks and then buy $10 more worth of the easter candy that's on sale and use your $3 eb from the first sale to pay for the second sale

they have several things on sale for .89 cents this week and some other easter candy on sale

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Plus with your EC card you can get m&ms for 1.97 per bag (limit 4) and there is a coupon out there for m&ms


also reese's pieces and kisses are 1.97 per bay (no limit).


The m&m and reese pieces/kisses deal are only good today tuesday, March 23.


CVS also has single candies 2/$1 Peeps, Cadbury eggs, Russell stover (limit $12) - this is great with the spend $10 get $3 ECB back! They have the best price on small solid chocolate bunnies - Russell Stover 1.5 oz are only 88cents!


Walgreens has Peeps and small bags of jelly beans 2/$1 this week (limit 6 - but make more than 1 trip). They also have a coupon in this week's flyer 39 cents for ring pops, bubble gum eggs - limit 4. Also this week single serve bags of Mars Candy are 49 cents. They also have 24 packs of plastic eggs for 69 cents (with coupon - limit 6).


I always buy the large bags of candy and then put them in the plastic eggs - makes your treats go farther I think.


If you don't have a Wags flyer - you can go online and print their coupons off their website.

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