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Avatar Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Blu-ray $25.00 @ Amazon


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The talk is that this release has no extras on it. They wanted to use all of the space on the disc for movie and sound. There will be another release in November (so they can get you to double dip) with the extras. Who knows, next year there might be another release with the extra footage they are putting into it (a triple dip) that will be in theaters later in the summer. A good deal if you can't wait, but if you want the 'other stuff' you might want to wait. BTW, they will probably release a 3-D version next year too, lol. You'd think they made enough from this movie already, but I guess if they can get you to buy each release, they'll make more.
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I just want a 1 disc Blu Ray of Avatar, why does every movie have to come out with 2 discs?!

For people like me LOL I like the DVD/Blu Ray Combos because the car/portable DVD players won't play Blu Rays and the kids don't have Blu Ray Players in their room. Well one of them doesn't. The other has a PS3 so does, but the combo packs make it easier for me :)

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