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Memorex Thin TV Wall Mount $34.49 ($354.46) Free Shipping@ buy.com


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Memorex Thin TV Wall Mount

World's Thinnest Full-Motion Wall Mount. Only 1.5" from the Wall!

List Price: See Details $354.46

You Save: (90%) $319.97

Our Price: $34.49 Shipping: FREE




Memorex Thin Full Motion TV Wall Mount, 30"-50" TV's up to 150 lb - Black

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I bought one of these earlier today. It was out of stock but I had it alert me if it came back in stock and was able to get one after getting their email. For what its worth, this is probably a $100-$120 mount. So 2/3 off is a great deal but its not 90% off as buy.com would like you to believe. That is my only beef with buy.com but it really is a good deal if you are looking for a mount. Even a cheap mount will run $30-$50 so to get this in that range is great.
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Back in stock at a slightly lower price, $33.99. I received this a few weeks ago and it is a very substantial and does not feel cheap at all. I haven't mounted it yet since I want to run some wires in the wall first but I am very happy with this purchase even though it is now 50c cheaper. :yup:
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I just ordered one too.


Is it truly a full motion pan, swivel, extend/retract and tilt mount like the description says? I'm hoping so, but for this price, it almost doesn't matter. I just need it to tilt forward about 10 - 12 degrees. Anything else is gravy.

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