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Halo Wars for Xbox 360 $19.99 @ Amazon


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OK, I am totally out of the loop on video games now... Is this like a Command & Conquer or Age of Empires style game as opposed to the traditional Halo first person shooter?


I am going to hold off for now as I have been spending like a sailor on leave lately and I don't want to spend another $5 on something I don't need just to get the free shipping, but this looks like a fun game.

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Yes, it is a Command & Conquer game! NOT a 1st person shooter!


DS15 and all of his friends hated this game! I paid over $60 for it new and ended up trading it in on Amazon.com. I guess if your kid likes command & conquer games they might like this but don't buy it thinking your kid (or DH) will like it just because it is Halo because it is nothing like Halo,lol! It is a really good deal IF you would like it.

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DH loves all of the Halo, Halo2, Halo3 and ODST. And is impatiently looking forward to Halo Reach.

He played this as a demo and liked it, but not enough to pay full price for it when it came out. ($59.99)

He did say when it gets marked down more that he would like it to add to his Halo collection, so I just ordered it from Amazon and got free shipping with Prime. It'll be a fun out of the blue gift!:D

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