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WOW! Garfield - A Tale of Two Kitties for PC WAS $19.99 NOW $.01 HURRY! @ gogamer.com


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As part of their 48 Hour Madness Sale... goamer.com has Garfield - A Tale of Two Kitties for PC

Platform: PC CDROM

Publisher: Game Factory

Packaging: Jewel Case

Availability: Ships within 24 hours

Item #: 9670333

48 Hour Madness! ™

Special Price $0.01

Regular Price $19.90

(Save 100%)







Everyone's favorite feline has managed to get himself on a plane to London by sneaking himself in Jon's luggage!


In a case of mistaken identity, Garfield find himself at Carlye Castle, where the animals of the castle believe Garfield is the new lord of the estate.


While enjoying his stay and taking complete advantage of the free food, Garfield discovers that there is a problem.


The real lord of the castle, “Prince” has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Dargis – who seeks to control over the estate of his own purposes.


Soon, Garfield discovers the secret plans of Dargis and convinces the castle animals to rebel and take back the estate and return it to its rightful heir Prince!


This fun game allows you to play through exciting scenes from the movie with an impressive variety of action.


Fans both young and old can enjoy Garfield in this story of adventure, teamwork and most importantly fun!



Explore 10 different areas of the Castle, each with its own exciting mission and 3 playable characters: Garfield, Christophe the goose and Claudius the mouse.


Each area offers up to 8 missions with more missions and moves becoming accessible as a player progresses through the game.


Missions include collecting specific items, fighting opponents, solving puzzles along with racing as well as flying challenges!


Fun tempo missions where the player hears music and must help Garfield dance to the rhythm.


Progressive difficulty levels ensure players of all ages maximise game-play.


Enjoy the Garfield's characteristically sarcastic sense of humor as he uses his new abilities, such as his incredible new fighting technique based on the rhythm and the music!



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Has anyone who bought this been able to get it to work? It was a major pain to install, but I finally got it. Now I open the game up, press play, and nothing happens. I read online that other people could never get it to work either. Something about the video card it needs.


What a bummer! My brother was so excited to play it. :rolleyes:

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