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Rite Aide aquafresh deal ~FREE~


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Aqua Fresh is on sale BOGO

sign up for a wellness card @ Ritaid.com and print a temp card if you don't have one!

go to Aquafresh.com and print off the Q's there for the toothbrushes, the advance and extreme clean tooth pastes.

go HERE and print off the new wellness Q's print as many as you have aqua fresh Q's


here's how my transaction worked


2 aqua fresh advance 3.99

2 aqua fresh extreme clean 3.99

2 aqua fresh tooth brushes 3.99

2 cadbury cream eggs 2/$1

2 halls cough drops $1.99 ea

5 Powerade 5/$5

1 Kotex 3.99


used the following coupons


1- $5 off $20 purchase video value

2- $1 off aqua fresh extreme clean

2- $1 off aqua fresh advanced

2 $1 off aqua fresh tooth brush

6- wellness Q's $1 off any oral care product with a price of $1 or more

1- Video value 50 cents off 2 cadbury cream eggs

1 BOGO in ad rite aid Q for halls cough drops

2 50 cents off halls cough drops (was on coupons.com last week)

5- $1 off powerade MQ's from signing up on a recycle website


grand total with tax and bottle deposit was 75 cents!

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the wellness Q page also has a Q for $1 off any bagged valentine's day candy. The sale is 2/$5 for M&M's I have a few Q's from a while ago for $1 off 2 bags of M&M's....so 2 wellness Q's and a MQ would get ya 2 bags of M&M's for $2 plus tax! Not a bad deal!
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went to rite aid today and got:

2 big bag of m&ms B1G1

nivea lip gloss

12double roll quilted northern

2 packs of trident

all for $5


used 3 dol off 15dol from rite aid website

used $1 manuf coupon on quilted northern

used $1 m&m coupon

used 4 $1.00 off from rite aid website for bagged candy

used $2 off beauty product from rite aid wellness

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4 aqua fresh advanced whitening tooth paste BOGO sale $3.99 x2

2 M&M's BOGO sale $3.99

1 Johnson & Johnson cucumber melon body wash $4.69

1 Johnson & Johnson baby bubble bath $4.69

1 Johnson & Johnson vanilla oatmeal body wash $4.69

6 cadbury creme eggs sal 2/$1

2 Halls cough drops $1.99 ea


coupons used

$5/$20 VV Q

BOGO in ad Halls Q

2 Halls MQ's 50 cents off (last week coupon.com)

3 50 cents off 2 cadbury creme eggs (VV)

$3 off purchase of 3 J&J products (smartsource.com)

3 $2 off skin care wellness Q's

4 $1 off aqua fresh advanced whitening (aquafresh.com)

4 $1 off oral care wellness Q's

2 $1 off bagged valentine's day candy wellness Q


total 3.53

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I found a few MQ's to share with you all!! I'm so excited I'm stocking up. Used a few today and tomorrow morning I'm doing a big RA run! Can't wait!!!


All of the ones below use your $2 skincare wellness Q with to make a good deal! Great fillers to get you well over your $20 or $25


$2 off Johnson and Johnson bedtime bath IP HERE

Cost $4.69

-$2 MQ

-$2 Wellness Q



Johnson and Johnson $3 off 3 Q HERE

$4.69 x 3= $14.07

- $3 MQ

- $6 wellness Q's


add a couple of cadbury creme eggs and use the vv q and the $3/$15 for total OOP of $2.57



OR add

Johnson’s Baby bubble Bath & Wash $4.69 $1 Q HERE

and use another wellness Q find a filler ($1.24) and use the $5/20 Q!!



also $1 on Johnson’s Soothing Vapor Bath HERE



AND $1 on Johnson’s Moisture Care Baby Wash or Lotion HERE



$1 on Johnson’s Head to Toes Baby Lotion HERE



My local RA allows one wellness Q per item....YMMV

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