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Nintendo DS used games

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How much would you pay for used Nintendo DS games on craigslist? I am looking for some for my kiddos and have seen them for $8-$15 range used. Not sure how low to try to haggle with them.

I think it depends on which ones, also check out places like Gamestop, they have used games and I think now AMazon is getting into that market, it will probably give you a good indication of what its worth.


Which ones are you interested in, my daughter cleaned out a bunch of games that she outgrew. PM to me

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I won't pay over 8-10 for ANY game....the more expensive ones I'll set up a search on ebay and get an email when new ones are listed....With ebay I have gotten some of the pokemon red-emerald-pearl for 8.00 and at game stop they are still over 25 USED! Just gotta be patient....
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Definitely shop around...I have bought games new on Amazon that were more expensive used in Gamestop! I think Gamestop thinks you'll believe you're getting a good deal just because it is used.

I totally agree with this! We were just there tonight and there was a used game selling for $33.xx and I paid $15 for it NEW on Amazon! I always feel like I have to be super careful in there.

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