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Boys 6 Pack Hanes Socks $1.99 & 3 Pack A-Shirts $1.99 & MORE! @ Sears.com


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Hanes Boy's 8-20 Low Cut Sock (Six Pack) - search by product/item name if link doesn't work


These sizes for this price:

Size: 5 - 6.5

Size: 9 - 11


Now $1.99 Was $7.99

Choose in-store pick up, where available


I tried finding sizing info, but had no luck. Anyone know how to decipher the sizes?


The quality you've enjoyed, sized for your special little guy. Perfect for athletic wear, these low cut socks come right to the ankle. Durable elastic keeps these socks in place. Full terry cushioning for maximum comfort. Reinforced grey heel and toe for greater durability. Six pair per pack. 78% Cotton/20% Polyester/1% Natural Latex Rubber/1% Other Fibers. Machine washable. Made in the U.S.A.





Hanes Boy's 8-20 A-Shirt - 3 Pack


Sizes: Small, Large, and Extra Large for this price


Now $1.99 Was $8.99

Choose in-store pick up, where available






Hanes Boy's 4-7 2 Pack Comfort Soft Boxer Briefs


Size Medium only


Now $2.99 Was $9.99

Choose in-store pick up, where available






MEN's Hanes Classics 4-Pack Boxer Brief


Size Large only


Now $2.49 Was $26

Choose in-store pick up, where available






MEN's Hanes Classics 2-Pack Boxer Brief


Sizes: Small, large, Extra large available


Now $1.49 Was $14

Choose in-store pick up, where available



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All OOS for delivery and none at my local stores. :(

The socks are available for in store pick up in my area, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I did call the store. She said they should be sizes S, M, L. She also said the price in store is not $1.99, so I'm placing an order online for in store pick up. :)

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now will there be 6 socks or 6 pairs of socks i.e. 12 separate socks?


Sorry patty had to do it! LOL


TY for the deal! Off to check every store near a relative i can think of!

Lmao!!! It BETTER be six pairs!!!! If not, um, I'll take care of it, lol.

I guess I should print out the picture and item description just to be sure, and for proof of what I'm ordering, lol.


Btw, my online order for 2 packages went through all good. :) I wonder how long the in-store pick up takes, as she said they had 13 packages of my size in stock now in the store. Anyone do this in store pick up before at Sears? Do they ship them from a warehouse? Or do they take them off the floor stock?

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