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Yankee.com Semi Annual Clearance Sale!


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Here's some coupon codes I found. Please let us know what does/doesn't work for ya:


Save $10 on $25 Order

Code: JW82BK (ends 1/23/10)

Code: 5K8TH2 (ends 12/26/09)

Code: B28RZF (ends 12/26/09)

Code: BXLES9 (ends 1/2/10)


Save $15 on $45 Purchase

Code: XF912A1 (might only work on regular priced merchandise)

Code: CAT9H3G

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I have in the past used codes for these semi-annual sales, however today when I ordered I could not get the codes I had to work. It is still a great sale, especially for those of us who do not live near a store. I try to stock up and usually check back daily for further reductions or to see if something that was sold out has come back into stock.


Thanks for the post and the codes. If I order again, I will still try the codes again. It never hurts to try.


Merry Christmas!

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