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2009 GD Holiday Movie Tournament Finals


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Alright Movie Buffs!!!


It's been a long contest and we're now down to two!!!!


Here's how the last round went down!!


Miracle on 34th Street came out of the gate and took an early lead, but stalled and was taken over by The Santa Clause!!!!


And George Bailey and company started likewise. starting out in the tournament steamrolling las year's Champ, A Christmas Story, but could not sustain Clark Griswold giving it a jolt with 25,000 Italian Imported Twinkle Lights and it fell to Christmas Vacation!!!


With Christmas Vacation making it's second trip into the finals in two years, people wonder if this will be The Griswold's year, or will Tim Allen and the cast of The Santa Clause come through and steal another another tournament out from under The Griswold Family!!!


Only time will tell and the clock is ticking!!! This will stay open til Midnite 12/25!!!


Vote now!!!!


The Santa Clause


Christmas Vacation!!

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I thought Christmas vacation won last year lol


Went back and found the answer:



Your 2008 Champion, A Christmas Story……..IS GOING HOME EARLY!!!!!!!! Ralphie and Company were defeated last night thanks to a last minute flurry of votes for It’s a Wonderful Life!!! No Repeat this year for the Red Ryder BB Gun!!! And now here’s all of the results!!!

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