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4 original zhu zhu pets 'in stock' at tru.. Go now!


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Yeah, I was looking.. Walmart went fast, but couldn't find many accessories online.. I did get a chunk online at walmart, and shipping was much better there.. I just need the damned slide/ramp and I am done ... for now

I don't know anything about these things... are these originals harder to get... or are they just as "available" for the most part?

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The TRU at Rockaway, NJ still has the new zhu zhu pets in stock. The quanity is 4 zhu zhu per household per day. They had the new "ball" it looked smaller and was orange. If they had other accessories - they were gone before I got there. There was a table in the front of the store (new) and the shelves in the back contained old and new. Good Luck!
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