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Children's Place $5 Rugby Sweaters - instore?


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Children's Place has their Rugby sweaters on sale for $5 online.

Has anyone been in-store this week? Are they also this price in-store?

And, anyone know of a printable coupon for instore? I've been hunting and not having good luck. :(

Really would like to pick up one to go along with the $10 jeans I got last week.


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Yes they are, I just bought some yesturday!

YA!!! Thanks for answering me. :)

And I feel like a COMPLETE dork! :blush: My receipt for the jeans I bought last week, it had a survey on it to take, just did that, and now I have it to take 15% off. Looks like I'll be picking up a Rugby Sweater tomorrow for $4.25 a/c. :D

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OP is correct. All rugby sweaters and accessories are $5. There is also an additional 40% off already reduced merchandise, and they give you a coupon for 30% off a single item and more 15% off q's to use in January.

What accessories are on sale for $5??? :gdlicklips:

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