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Nascar Video Game

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My DH is a JJ fan too, and he has Nascar 09. I know that JJ was in the advertisements for that one, and is in that game as well. Since it's 09, they may be clearancing them out, but since it's the last year for that game, they may be keeping them around. Amazon has the game for a few different systems, and it's pretty inexpensive. :)



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I can't say about other systems, but 08 was much better on PS2 than 09. Also it would be cheaper. Its a fun game, and Jimmie Johnson is on both games. If he's a Hendrick fan in general there's a function to switch among teammates (so if Jimmie is winning big time, you can switch to Jeff Gordon's car).


My biggest complaint with 09 (well I have 2) are the controls are different on 09 than previous years which is okay, but the older years seemed fine. My other complaint is that Carl Edwards isn't on the 09 game, which made absolutly no sense.

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