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Bike for adopt a family teen


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We just got our adopt a family and our family was the next to last chosen, probably b/c the kids have some more expensive gift requests than some others.


One item requested is for a 12 yr old girl who appears to be teenager size who wants a bike. Doing research, the "kids" bikes will probably be too small, so she needs a 24 " or bigger ladies bike. This is expensive to add to all the other kids's gifts and clothes!


I have checked online w/ Wal Mart, Target, Acadamy, Sears, etc. but can't find one for less than about 90-100. Anyone know when/where I might find a new bike cheaper! She isn't small enough for one of the cheapie kid bikes, unfornately! :no:


Please help me grant this child's wish without breaking my bank! :) Any suggestions??


Thank you!!!

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Also, you could call around to your local independent bike shops and plead your case... They might have a trade-in kicking around in the back that they'd like to get rid of.



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Our Walmart had some of the Black Friday bikes left over. They were put together and on the bike rack. They were not marked with a price, but since they were a BF exclusive, I'm assuming that they are still $49.


The girls one is purple and is a Next brand. The model is Generation (I think).


Also, check our lawn and garden departments at Walmart- ours all carry the clearance bikes back there.

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