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Trio Kings Castle $29.99 (59.99) @ kmart


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Thanks so much for posting this!!!


I've been watching this on Amazon, but it doesn't seem to want to go below $49.99. I'm going to have DH swing by Kmart on his way home from work tonight to pick this up... or at least pick the ad up to price match at WM (my KM NEVER has anything in their ad in stock... I've gone at opening the first day of the ad and they say, "Oh, we never got that in."). Unfortunately, I can't price match at Target... the nearest one is 75 miles away!


My boys are getting some King Arthur and knight playsets this year, but I haven't gotten them a castle yet... and this is the one I wanted! They're going to be so excited!

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actually in my store there were $10 coupon on the box off of a $24.99 trio purchase so I was out the door for $19.99 plus tax!!!:eyepoppin


I posted the in store deal in the appropriate In-Store forum but wanted to post here in case anyone would rather grab it cheape in store!

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My store didn't have any of the $10 off peelies, but this is what I did...


Trio Castle $29.99

Trio Hammerpult $14.99

Trio Basic Set $4.99 (Makes an airplane, I think)



- $5 internet coupon

- $5 internet coupon

- $5 Kmart calender $5/$30 toy purchase coupon


$34.97 paid for all three! I bought the $4.99 set because my KM said I couldn't have more coupons than items, but I don't think it should have mattered... oh, well! I'm really happy with the deal I got!


And just to throw this out there for anyone near a Fred Meyer (a Northwest Kroger-owned store), they have Trio on sale there. The good deals I saw there were the Wizard's castle for $24.99 (I probably would have bought it if I had another coupon) and the police station for $9.99. Plus they have a 10% off toys coupon in the ad, so I got the police station for $8.99.

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