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Do any stores still carry the "claw" candy machine?

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My daughter wants one of those tabletop machines that look like the "claw" machines they have in the arcades for Chanukah and now I can't find one in any store I've tried. Does anyone know of a store that sells them, so I don't have to order one online?

Bed Bath and Beyond carries them

I also just googles it and found varies sites thta have them.Ebay for one does and also heres one from sears.



Opps just realized you said not online.sry.Ive also seen them in kohls this year.

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Now I looked at BB&B and Kohls, too! Am I looking in the wrong spots? Are they so popular they are probably sold out?


I just tried looking at their online sites to see if I could figure out where they'd have them in the store - and I couldn't find them on either website. And, yes, unfortunately -the Sears one is only online. Chanukah starts this Friday, so I'd really like to not have to wait for something to be shipped.


Thanks for your help!

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My daughter wants one of these to. She saw it in a book we get called back to basics. The only place I have found them is online, nobody here has had them in stock. If you do decide to order, Sears actually has 2 different ones but, the more expensive one has an a/c adapter that comes with it, the other one is batteries only.
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