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Nintendo Wii $199.00 and receive a $50 Gift Card @ Amazon


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Wii + $50 Gift Card @ Amazon


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Only one (1) gift card code will be sent per customer and per household



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I didn't need one... bought our Wii a couple years ago, but either not many people knew about this deal, or Amazon had a LOT of them available for the deal! I figured they would sell out FAST, but time ran out at only 54% claimed.


Congrats to everyone that got one for such a GREAT price! If I weren't on a budget this year, I would have bought one for my DS7's room... however, its probably a good thing that I don't have the money for it... if he had a Wii in his room, I'd probably never see him again!

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Could you take the Wii back and get the one from amazon?

LOL i could of but the thing is i got up @ 5 this morning to make sure i was at Walmart intime to get it so i more or less wasted my time.Now im spending the day sleeping.Well things could be worse.I could of missed the deal so i guess i should stop complaning.lol.

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Ugh -- missed it. Had to be out of the house all morning and early part of the afternoon and of course I missed the one thing I was really waiting on. Congrats to those of you who snagged it. Our Wii was stolen in June when we were on vacation (along with the XBox 360 and Playstation 2, but the Wii was the only one I really want to replace, so hoping to get it for Christmas with a good deal.) I'll keep looking and hopefully won't miss out if there's another good deal like that.
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