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CVS Deals Discussion - DECEMBER 09


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ALL discussion about CVS deals, coupons, and promotions for the month will take place in this thread. Please do not start a new thread, as they will promptly be CLOSED and you will be directed to post in the new thread.


Welcome to the joys of CVS Shopping! Here are some quick details to help you out:


What is the CVS Extra Care Program?

The CVS Extra Care program is CVS’s shopping card. You can sign up for a card in store or online at https://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/registerextracare?LOGINMSG=XTRACAREMSG

With this card, you will have access to their weekly and monthly sale prices. If you do not present your card, you will not be given these sale prices or qualify for the Extra Care Bucks rewards.


The greatest benefit of this program is the Extra Care Bucks portion.


What is an Extra Care Bucks?

Every month, along with every week, CVS runs sales on particular items where if you buy that item, you will receive a coupon at the end of your receipt with Extra Care Bucks (aka ECBs) that you can use on your next purchase.


For example, let’s say Garnier Fructis shampoo is on sale for 2.99 with $2.00 in ECBs. This means you will have to pay the 2.99 upfront for the shampoo, but at the end of your receipt, you will receive a $2.00 ECB that you can use on a future purchase at CVS. It’s like you only paid $0.99 for a bottle of shampoo!


At the end of each quarter, CVS will also add up all your spending, and give you a rebate in ECBs based on your spending, which is 2% of the total amount. That’s EXTRA money just for buying items at CVS!


Can I use manufacturer’s coupons?

Certainly! Using the example above with the Garnier Fructis shampoo – there are regularly coupons for 1.00 off your purchase of one (1) bottle of their shampoo. The item will ring up at 2.99, then you can use your coupon for 1.00 off, so you wind up paying 1.99 for the item. You STILL get the $2.00 ECB reward – so it’s like getting it for free!


Wow! Can I do this over and over?

Unfortunately, there are limits to all the sales. Check the weekly ad and the monthly sales books for the limits. When we post the sales here, we will also list the limits.


Can I have more than one CVS card?

The answer in general is no. However, if you have access to another address/name/phone number, you may be able to get a second card.


What about prescriptions?

Whenever you fill a prescription, make sure the pharmacy scans your card! Each prescription is 0.50 in ECBs that will be paid out at the end of the quarter.


Can I use the ECBs I earn to pay for prescriptions?

Unfortunately, no. They can only be used on store purchases.


CVS and Coupons

CVS has a great coupon program. When you sign up for your card, make sure to check that you want CVS to email you coupons and offers. This will put you on their mailing list for future coupons!


Most of the CVS coupons are for a certain amount of dollars off a minimum dollar purchase. For example, to start, CVS will email you a coupon to save $4.00 on a $20.00 purchase.


When entering your store, look for the CVS card scanning/price checking machine. Scan your card upon entry every time for additional coupons and incentives! Sometimes it's 3.00/10.00 of CVS products, or something FREE!


Stacking coupons - I am sad to report the end of coupon stacking, but you can read the details below in the spoiler.


Please note, your store may have a different policy regarding the stacking of coupons. IN ADDITION CVS has not been issuing as many e-mail coupons as in the past. Most stacking has been done via CRT coupons, which are the coupons that are generated at the end of your CVS receipt, or from the card scanning machine (if your store has one.)


Always make sure you give the cashier your CVS card to scan before you get to the total and start handing over coupons to make sure you get any sale prices.


CVS will sometimes have coupons for $3 off a $15.00 purchase, or $2 off a $10.00. The theory regarding CVS purchases are:

Your PRETAX amount is 30.00. You have a coupon for $4 off $20.00, $3 off $15.00, or $2 off $10.00. Hand to the cashier the coupons in this order:

1. The $4 off $20.00 coupon

2. The $3 off $15.00

3. The $2 off 10.00

As long as your total is more than the amount on the coupon, you can keep using coupons.


NEXT, give them your manufacturer coupons.


FINALLY, give them your ECBs.


Hopefully by this point, your out of pocket (OOP) amount is a small number. It may not be at the start, but with constant shopping and deal searching, you’ll build up a good amount of ECBs to use on future purchases.


We have come across some stores that will not allow you to stack their money off coupons unless your total equals the amounts of the coupons. For example, if you want to use a $4 off $20 coupon along with a $3 off $15 coupon, some cashiers may say that your total must be $35.00 before you can use the coupon. This rule varies from store to store and from cashier to cashier. We cannot say that CVS will always stack, because the policies are always changing.



What do they do about B1G1 (buy one, get one free) coupons? I have 2 coupons for the B1G1 covergirl lip product. If I got 2 lip products and used the two coupons would I get both for free or do the B1G1 coupons ring stuff up for 1/2 price?


CVS rings up the first item at full price and the second item rings up free. So if you have a BOGO free coupon, you would get both items free.


PLEASE NOTE: YMMV (your mileage may vary.) Some stores may not process it, some cashiers may be confused, but in general, the above should happen.



How to use your ECBs

Please note that you cannot use your ECBs:

- on pharmacy co-pays

- on the purchase of gift cards

Also, ECBs are tied to YOUR card. You will not be able to use the ECBs that are earned by other people. You must also present your card in order to use your ECBs.


Please note that your ECBs do have an expiration date and to be mindful of it. If they do expire, you may be able to have customer service reactivate them. Please contact CVS customer service at 800-SHOP-CVS.


ECBs can only be used on the PRETAX amount of your purchase. If your pre-tax purchase is 3.99 and you only have a $4.00 ECB, you will not be able to use that ECB – you must use smaller denominations.


I bought something that comes with ECBs but it didn’t print out. What gives?!

Check to see if you had previously hit the limit on the offer. It will print on your receipt. Also make sure you bought the correct item or version of the product. If you had not hit the limit, please contact customer service at 800-SHOP-CVS and they will add it to your card to print the next time you are in store.


1. Post your experiences shopping at CVS, the deal combos you have found, and the unmarked clearance/ECB deals you have found at your store. Also post your general location if you are comfortable.

2. Do not post links to non CVS authorized coupons. They will be edited out. Authentic CVS coupons come from cvs.com or are located at akamaitech.com.

3. Keep non CVS chatter to a minimum. This is first and foremost a deals discussion. Anything going too far off topic will be deleted.


If you have links to printable coupons for items on sale this week at CVS, also post those for others to share.


Play nice!

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well this is kinda online and with a rebate - but will post this here.


CVS.com is offering free shipping on orders $49 and over. They are also doing a promo right now that will save you $10/$50, $15/$65 or $20/$80.


Olay is doing a rebate of $20 when you spend $50 in Olay products.



This week the Regenerist products are on sale for $18.99. If you purchase multiples, this by far beats any mfgr coupon you may have.

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Same here, still 50% at both CVS and Walgreens.


Does anyone know which small appliances may be following the Chr-stmas clearance?

I got an egg poacher and toaster (same manufacturer as the Paula Deen one, but without her name on it) a couple of years ago for $7.xx at 75% off, and a chocolate fountain last year at 75% off. I'm hoping to stumble upon similar finds this year.

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